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Proudly serving Philadelphia and the surrounding area!
Pond Design and Water Features by AquaReale

About AquaReale

AquaReale was founded by Matthew and Laura Reale. They first started Reale Landscape and Design in 1999, the year they got married. They changed the name and direction of the company in 2010, with a new name and focus-- AquaReale. The new name reflected the emphasis on all things water. Laura and Matt live with their two kids and three cats in Jenkintown, PA. They enjoy their pond and pondless water feature.

Laura Lapinsohn Reale

Laura and handles all customer service, scheduling, marketing and payment tasks for the company. She utilizes her Master's in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University while managing social media and all company branding initiatives. Laura prefers everything indoors and has an aversion to the sun and nice weather.

Matthew Reale
Vice President

Matt is the yin to Laura's yang. He's as calm as she is wired. Matt handles all operational details of the company, from estimating and bidding on jobs to managing his crews on projects, offering his expertise and experience as needed. Matt has his degree in landscape design from the Temple University Department of Landscape Architecture and Horticulture and enjoys sharing nature and his love of the outdoors with his kids.

Eric Naylor
Company Foreman

Eric and Matt went to Central High School together many years ago. Eric shares Laura and Matt's vision of a full service water features company, leading with calmness and dedication to each customer and job. Eric is a great communicator and company representative. Eric lives with his wife Meagan and his dog Belle, and he enjoys fostering dogs and playing disc golf. Eric's favorite part of his job is finding nature and life in each pond. He likes going back to ponds to see how they have changed throughout the year.

Pete Gallo
Project Manager

Pete has been with AquaReale since 2012. Pete is our machine operator and driver, as well as a dedicated, trained pond specialist. Pete enjoys stepping back at the end of the day and seeing what his work has created. He likes to go back to jobs after everything has grown in to see how the final product turned out.

Tom Simpson
Project Manager

Tom is our new young guy. He graduated from St Joe's University in May 2015 with a degree i environmental science and quickly began a valuable part of AquaReale. Tom was the Laboratory Coordinator for the Saint Joseph University Biodiversity lab, handling everything from fish illness to building the proper pumps and filtration systems for the tanks and the fish. Tom's knowledge of fish and everything about them is incredible.

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