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Healthy pond plants

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Pond plants are a huge part of the pond ecosystem and need to be there to make sure everything lives harmoniously. Pond plants also enhance the beauty of any water feature. So, when your pond plants aren’t healthy, you know it. One sign that there’s something wrong is yellowing leaves. Here are some of the

Philadelphia Koi Pond Myths

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Philadelphia Koi Pond Philadelphia Koi Pond Myth #1:  The presence of rocks and gravel make it difficult to clean your pond. Reality   Rocks and gravel offer a natural place for aerobic bacteria to colonize and set up housekeeping in your Philadelphia Koi Pond.   This bacteria breaks down the fish waste and debris that

5 Ways to Hire the Right Philadelphia Pond Contractor

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Philadelphia Pond Contractor Finding the Right Philadelphia Pond Contractor What makes someone a reputable Philadelphia Pond Contractor?  We got a call today that broke my heart.  And it wasn’t the first call we have gotten like this.  The customer called and said a certain contractor started building a pond for him this summer,

Philadelphia Swim Pond Master Build

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Swim Pond As part of our recent advanced training at Pondomonium,  the pond industry's largest trade event of the year,  AquaReale had the opportunity to help build a large Spectacular Swim Pond in Illinois. The customers originally wanted a big pond their kids could play in, but the more they learned about Swim

Montgomery County Pond Maintenance

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Montgomery County Pond Maintenance How much Montgomery County Pond Maintenance does your pond actually need? While our ponds are low natural ecosystems and easy to handle, we want to make something very clear.  There is no such thing as "maintenance free", everything requires some maintenance, including a koi pond or other water feature.

Montgomery County pond installation

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Montgomery County pond installation Your own Montgomery County pond installation A Montgomery County pond installation gives you access to relaxation all the time. The sound and sight of water can instantly calm the senses. imagine being able to go home at the end of a long day and sit outside and look, not

Montgomery, County PA Pond Installation

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Montgomery, County PA Pond Installation AquaReale specializes in Montgomery, County PA Pond Installations.  From small ponds and water features, we have done it all! What kind of Montgomery, County PA Pond Installation are you looking for? We begin each process by working with the homeowner, going over what exactly you are looking for

Types of backyard pond fish

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Backyard pond fish-- What are the most popular? Let's be honest-- one of the best reasons to get a backyard pond is for the fish!  Even if that is not your first thought when building a pond, the backyard pond fish will soon be the family favorite! Most of the ponds AquaReale work with are