Main Line, PA pondless waterfall

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Main Line, PA pondless waterfalls are a great way for people with minimal space or time for maintenance to enjoy the sounds and sights of water. There is no pool of water at the bottom, so this helps with safety concerns as well.  We have installed many Main Line, PA pondless waterfalls. Working much like

Philadelphia Winter water gardening

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 Looking for ways to indulge your love of water gardening during the season?  Philadelphia Winter water gardening is the solution for you! Philadelphia Winter water gardening ideas Why not make a stunning centerpiece for your party table using inexpensive and gorgeous natural elements? Bring the movement of water and the beauty of nature together by

Beautiful Koi Fish Pond in Philly, PA

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Koi Fish Pond : A New Beginning Al and Joan T were moving and were very anxious about what to do with their fish and needed a Koi Fish Pond as soon as possible. They found us during a google search and reached out to see if AquaReale could help. Al

6 Tips for Pond Plants

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Pond Plants: 6 Tips for the Perfect  Plants When it comes to planting in ponds,  you can apply many of the same tips and guidelines you use to create your terrestrial flower beds.  Things like color, height, and planting conditions are things you’ll want to consider when it comes to naturalizing your pond with plants.

How to choose the best stone for your pond

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There are three main types of rocks or stones that AquaReale uses on our pond installations. One isn't better than the other-- they just offer different styles and looks. Here's a quick look a the three types of stone we use for our projects: mica, field stone, and river rocks. How to choose the best

A Philadelphia Area Pond Senior Center Respite…

By |2016-02-22T02:31:03-05:00February 22nd, 2016|Pond Design, Project Profile|

AquaReale had the recent pleasure of building a Philadelphia area pond as part of the landscaping at a new Philadelphia area retirement facility. Here Eric guides us through the project...

Pond renovation in mind? Our top 3 suggestions

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pond renovation Is your pond a good candidate for a pond renovation? Renovating a pond allows you to optimize an existing pond. It is cheaper than rebuilding the whole pond. On average, if the existing pond is ten years or younger it can be renovated easily. Ponds that are more than ten years

Light up the night with beautiful pond lighting

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WHY POND LIGHTING? Nighttime is the only time one can see the whole pond, inside and out. During daylight hours the surface of the pond is highly reflective, acting like a mirror to the sun. You can see reflections of nearby objects like buildings and trees on the surface of the water, but it is

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