How many pond fish should you have?

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Pond Fish It's never good to overstock a pond! Most ponds include fish.  Do they say water or wooder?  (Philadelphia humor).  In fact, fish are often the reason people get a water garden in the first place!  Fish are fun to watch.  Many kids, including our own, name their fish.  It did make

5 Steps to a Clean and Healthy Pond

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Your garden pond is an amazing ecosystem and you want to make sure you keep that ecosystem healthy for both your fish and your plants. Clean pond water is an important part of a healthy pond and makes a pond much prettier to admire as well!Many pond owners know the importance of good quality water but

Philadelphia Winter Pond Maintenance

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Need help with your Philadelphia Winter Pond questions?  We have answers.  Have you ever noticed that your pond water is clearer in the fall?  This is typically due to cooler temperatures and full, lush plants. To keep your pond looking its best throughout the fall and winter season, follow our helpful, easy-to-follow Philadelphia Winter Pond

Philadelphia Pond Maintenance

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Pond Maintenance As we approach the dog days of summer, there are five things that you need to remember about Philadelphia Pond Maintenance to  keep a balanced ecosystem pond along with happy fish! Take a moment to refresh your memory with these important tips: Pond Aeration add oxygen to your pond Place an aerator or

A Guide to Fixing a Philadelphia Pond Problem

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A Guide to Fixing a Philadelphia Pond Problem Do you have a Philadelphia Pond Problem?   Leaks can be the most frustrating part of owning a pond.  They are often misdiagnosed and misunderstood. Understanding how leaks work and how to detect them will save you time, money, and headaches. What is Evaporation?  First, let’s have

Healthy Pond Fish Buying Suggestions

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Healthy Pond Fish Healthy Pond Fish Adding Healthy Pond Fish to  your pond provides a whole new element to the overall experience of owning a water feature. In fact, many pond owners decided to install a pond for the sole purpose of fish-keeping. When purchasing new fish, there are certain things that you

Tips for a Healthy Philadelphia Koi Pond

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Tips for a Healthy Koi Pond Want a Healthy Koi Pond the Philadelphia summer?  Ponds have a joy and beauty that make your summer even more relaxing and enjoyable. You want to make sure your water feature is healthy and functioning at 100 percent during the warmer months.  And when the temperatures rise above 80

Philadelphia Koi Pond Myths

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Philadelphia Koi Pond Myths Koi Pond Myth #1:  I should locate my pond to  the lowest part of my yard! Reality:   This is probably the worst location for your investment because of the run-off that can creep its way into your pond. When your pond is positioned near your house, you can take in the

Pond Algae Removal in Bucks County, PA

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Pond Algae Removal in Bucks County, PA Pond Algae Removal  seems impossible at times.  Algae is the most basic plant on the planet and can seem like the biggest problem to many pond owners. Algae is particularly heavy in the spring, when temperatures are warming, nutrients are plentiful, and the days are lighter

Healthy pond plants

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Pond plants are a huge part of the pond ecosystem and need to be there to make sure everything lives harmoniously. Pond plants also enhance the beauty of any water feature. So, when your pond plants aren’t healthy, you know it. One sign that there’s something wrong is yellowing leaves. Here are some of the

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