Ponds 101

clean pond water in six steps!

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clean pond water Six steps to clean pond water Most pond owners know the importance  of clean pond water.  Not knowing how to get or keep clean pond water can be quite a challenge.  But we can help!  Follow the six tips below to help ensure clean pond water: 1. Maintain a healthy

Philadelphia Fall Pond Care

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Philadelphia Fall Pond Care Follow our simple Philadelphia Fall Pond Care tips to ensure a healthy pond next spring   Philadelphia Fall Pond Care : Remove leaves and debris   Putting a pond net over your water feature before leaves start   falling from trees is the easiest way to contain and manage leaf

Low Maintenance Ponds: a True Ecosystem

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  Low Maintenance Ponds Want a Low Maintenance Pond? What makes an ecosystem pond a low maintenance pond?  There are five things that make an ecosystem pond run: #1 Low Maintenance Ponds: Filtration A biological filter, which provides an area for beneficial bacteria to colonize while removing excess nutrients from the water, is

Montgomery County Pond Maintenance

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Montgomery County Pond Maintenance How much Montgomery County Pond Maintenance does your pond actually need? While our ponds are low natural ecosystems and easy to handle, we want to make something very clear.  There is no such thing as "maintenance free", everything requires some maintenance, including a koi pond or other water feature.

Philadelphia Spring Pond Maintenance

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Philadelphia Spring Pond Maintenance Philadelphia Spring Pond Maintenance time is upon us! The maintenance tasks listed below can help prevent future problems from arising throughout the pond season. Some pond enthusiasts enjoy performing their own maintenance, but you can always hire a professional to take care of it for you. Do a Philadelphia

Types of backyard pond fish

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Backyard pond fish-- What are the most popular? Let's be honest-- one of the best reasons to get a backyard pond is for the fish!  Even if that is not your first thought when building a pond, the backyard pond fish will soon be the family favorite! Most of the ponds AquaReale work with are

Philadelphia Spring Pond Cleaning

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  Philadelphia Spring Pond Cleaning Philadelphia Spring Pond Cleaning So it’s spring time and you are wondering what maintenance is needed for your backyard pond.  Every pond is unique and will look different.  A few questions to start...  How do you want your pond to look?  Some people prefer pristine while others prefer