Pond Algae Control 101

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What is Pond Algae? The two most common types of algae found in ponds are suspended and string algae. Suspended algae, sometimes called “green water”, are single-celled organisms that reproduce at a rapid rate. Due to their tiny size, this algae type is capable of passing through most filtration systems. If the conditions are right,

The Importance of Aquatic Plants

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Aquatic plants fulfill a variety of ecological roles. They are vital to maintaining a healthy and balanced pond ecosystem. There are four categories of aquatic plants. Submerged plants dig their roots into the pond’s bottom and thrive underwater. Emergent plants are visible primarily above water but are also rooted in the soil at the pond’s

Kids & Ponds:Time Outdoors

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time outdoors Ready for more time outdoors? In a world of “24-7 tech,” social media, and constant connection, it’s far too easy for kids to overlook nature’s beauty. Beyond being a welcome change of scenery from screens, ponds and outdoor play offer a multitude of other unique benefits for young minds. And now

How to keep koi from eating your pond plants

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How to keep koi from eating your Philadelphia aquatic plants Local pond owners love two things most of all: their Philadelphia aquatic plants and their beautiful koi. Yet koi and pond plants aren’t so happy to live in unison. Is it possible for there to be harmony in the same pond? Your picked through waterlilies?

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