How to keep koi from eating your pond plants

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Philadelphia aquatic plants How to keep koi from eating your Philadelphia aquatic plants Local pond owners love two things most of all: their Philadelphia aquatic plants and their beautiful koi. Yet koi and pond plants aren’t so happy to live in unison. Is it possible for there to be harmony in the same

Ready for a Philadelphia Pond Upgrade?

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Philadelphia Pond Upgrade Ready for a Philadelphia Pond Upgrade?  Here are five great items to add to your current pond for a Philadelphia Pond Upgrade, creating a new looking pond for you and your outdoor living space! Water Lilies Who does not love flowers blooming on water? If you want an additional natural

What is a Philadelphia water garden?

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Philadelphia water garden What is a Philadelphia water garden? A Philadelphia water garden is a man-made water feature, typically a pool or pond, which is designed to complement the natural environment. Water gardens typically incorporate aquatic plants, ornamental fish, statuary, waterfalls, and other decorations. They can be found in residential backyards, courtyards, and

Philadelphia Pond Winter Care

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Philadelphia Pond Philadelphia Pond Winter Care During the colder winter months, you can either keep your Philadelphia pond running for the winter, or shut it down. To shut your pond down, first unplug the pump, pull it out of the pond, and store it in a frost-free location, submerged in a bucket of

Philadelphia Pond Maintenance

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Philadelphia Pond Maintenance Philadelphia Pond Maintenance As we approach the dog days of summer, there are five things that you need to remember about Philadelphia Pond Maintenance to  keep a balanced ecosystem pond along with happy fish! Take a moment to refresh your memory with these important tips: Philadelphia Pond Maintenance: Add oxygen

Main Line Water Features: Tranquility at Home

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Main Line Water Features Bring Tranquility to Your Outdoor Living Space   Main Line Water Features AquaReale has installed many Water Features, including the above photo at the Inn at Villanova University.  From large urns to small rocks and basalt columns, we have Main Line Water Features to fit into any landscape and

Villanova large pond repair, part two

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https://youtu.be/kIlalP9u-Xg How to handle a Villanova large pond repair? Join part two of Tom's explanation of the work we are doing in Montgomery County, at the Inn at Villanova.  Tom rows through the large pond at Villanova and talks about the pond depth and next steps. as well how to handle Villanova large pond repairs