Front Yard Water Features: Boost Your Curb Appeal

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Why put a water feature in your front yard? Why should the backyard get all the fun? Ponds bring such beauty and joy, customers have been enhancing their living spaces to include beautiful front yard water features. In addition, a Front yard water feature can boost your curb appeal at the same time! An ecosystem pond...

Montgomery County Pondless Waterfall

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What to do with your yard? Get inspired with our latest Montgomery County Pondless Waterfall and flagstone patio! We worked with Fill A Bagel in Jenkintown to create a small water feature outside their Jenkintown, PA store, but with the new Oreland store came a lot more opportunity. Vicky and Charlie Ard are the owners

What is a water garden?

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What is a Philadelphia water garden? A Philadelphia water garden is a man-made water feature, typically a pool or pond, which is designed to complement the natural environment. Water gardens typically incorporate aquatic plants, ornamental fish, statuary, waterfalls, and other decorations. They can be found in residential backyards, courtyards, and parks, to compliment the landscaping,

Bucks County Fountain Installation

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Bucks County Fountain Installation Want water without the responsibilities of  a pond? You need a Bucks County Fountain Installation.   Fountains are the perfect way to add a splash of water to your landscape.  They come in a variety of styles and sizes and help bring peace and beauty to your landscape. If

Not just ponds: some other water feature options

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Are you wondering which backyard water feature would work best for your outdoor space? Here are just some of the many options available for different yard sizes and goals Backyard Water Feature: Basalt Columns and Spillway bowls Sometimes flowing water is what a backyard needs. There are many ways to get backyard water features into

Cool Backyard Gadget: Koi Camera

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Underwater life continues to be exciting and mysterious no matter how old you are – just think how exciting a visit to the aquarium is, even as an adult, and consider investing in a Koi camera for your pond. As a pond owner, there is no doubt that water and aquatic life interests and inspires

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